Carpet Cleaning in Fayetteville, NC

Tired of looking at those stains and spots?

Have you had your carpets or upholstery recently professionally cleaned? Over time, an accumulation of allergens, odors and stains will build up in your home. Most manufacturers recommend having carpets steam cleaned at least once a year. We know your annual carpet cleaning is coming up (or long overdue) and we are here to help. It’s time you use one of Fayetteville’s best professional steam cleaners in town – Williams Carpet Care. With 18 years’ operating and 60+ years combined experience, there is nothing we can’t solve. Let one of our highly trained and experienced carpet cleaning technicians take care of your stains today!

carpet cleaning Fayetteville, NC

Whether you need restorative cleaning or stain removing, we can handle it! Manufacturers recommend and prefer the “Hot Water Extraction” method, known as steam cleaning, to properly clean carpet and upholstery. Unlike a normal vacuum cleaner, which only touches the surface, steam cleaning utilizes hot water to remove embedded dirt that is trapped deep in the carpet fibers. Proper steam cleaning requires a carpet wand, connected by hoses to our specialized truck-mounted machines (explained below). The wand has several jets that inject hot steam at high pressure to loosen hidden dirt, followed by powerful suction that extracts the loose dirt. The key to our success in providing you with freshly cleaned carpet is our top-quality equipment, high-grade products and experienced technicians.

carpet cleaning Fayetteville, NC scarpet cleaning Fayetteville, NC
Truck-Mounted vs Portable Units:

Williams Carpet Care only uses the best equipment available – truck-mounted steam cleaning systems. Our truck-mounted machines are designed to maximize the steam cleaning process. Through an elaboration of high pressure (600 psi), steam water (220-265oF), powerful vacuum and high-grade products, we can perform a deep, powerful cleaning on your carpet and upholstery. Advanced truck-mounted machines allow steam cleaners to extract more dirt and grime through higher temperatures and pressurized steam. What does that mean? Better results for you. Our steam cleaning process is great for our customers because it leaves you with cleaner carpets/upholstery and a faster drying time. Many carpet cleaners use unreliable and poor-performing mobile cleaning machines that must be brought into your home. These portable machines require water hook-ups and electricity to clean and can emit exhaust and humidity throughout your living areas. We believe you deserve the highest quality work through safe measures.

The Carpet Cleaning Process

Upon arrival, our experienced technicians will bring their hoses and carpet wand inside your home. They will start from the furthest cleaning point to ensure no back tracking. Each technician is trained to quickly assess carpet and upholstery material and select which products are necessary to treat each area. Some areas must be treated with a specialized product. Every situation is different depending on the source of the stain and the material that is stained. Please feel free to ask our technicians any questions upon their arrival or give our office a call. Schedule your carpet cleaning today!

carpet cleaning Fayetteville, NC