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Odor Treatment

No matter how clean a home is, certain odors may linger. Scented candles and air fresheners only mask unwanted odors from pets, food, tobacco, smoke, and mold. Williams Carpet Care removes negative odors in your home using ozone generators to deal with those stubborn smells. The ozone generator is the best way to eliminate odors, using a natural process that is chemical-free.

An ozone generator uses the same natural process as ozone generation in the atmosphere. The air smells fresh after rain because thunderstorms leave traces of O3 behind. Our ozone generators copy the same process – they pull the O2 oxygen molecules from the air and convert them into O3 molecules. When the extra oxygen atoms come into contact with odor molecules, they bond and destroy odor molecules. Fans circulate the O3 molecules into the treatment area. The ozone-generated air then penetrates the carpets, air ducts, and walls where odors hide, creating long-lasting freshness. The result is odorless, fresh air sent straight into your home, apartment, or business.

Our experienced technicians can quickly set up an ozone generator(s). After the generator deodorizes the air, the area must remain unoccupied while the O3 converts to oxygen, about 12 to 24 hours. When you return, it will be to a clean, odorless home or business. Call for an appointment today!

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