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Hardwood Floor Cleaning and Preservation

Sweeping and mopping may seem to keep your hardwood floors clean, but there is more to dirt than meets the eye. Sweeping and mopping moves grime across the floor, allowing it to settle into the cracks and crevices of the wood. Over time, this makes your wood floor look dirty and aged.

Refinishing or replacing your hardwood is expensive. A better alternative is to hire Williams Carpet Care to deep clean your flooring. We offer a hardwood floor cleaning system that is environmentally friendly, quiet, and effective. It will make your floor look like new.

Williams Carpet Care’s Hardwood Floor Cleaning and Preservation System is designed to revitalize your hardwood floors. Our expert technicians use state of the art Lindhaus Professional Floor Scrubber. With non-marking rubber wheels and adjustable brush pressure, the Lindhaus is both soft enough for delicate flooring in a home and powerful enough to clean even large, high traffic commercial spaces.

We also use Hydro-Force Hardwood Cleaning and Prevention System cleaning solution which is pH balanced to preserve your hardwood’s original finish while successfully eliminating dirt, dust, oil, allergens, and other contaminants that damage flooring. It provides a protective finish to keep your hardwoods looking bright and clean longer.

Prolong the life of your hardwood floors while keeping them as beautiful as they were on the first day. Call Williams Carpet Care to schedule a specialty Hardwood Floor Cleaning and Preservation Service.

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