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Top 3 Reasons Your Carpet Stinks

carpet odor treatmentDid you know that over 75% of people say that they walk on their indoor carpeting with their outdoor shoes on? While that might not seem like a bad thing to some, not only does wearing your shoes indoors trample your carpet, and track the outside world inside, it can be responsible for making your carpet stink as well, according to what you track in on the bottom of your shoe.

Many people wonder what makes their carpet stink and where to find the best carpet odor treatment to take care of it. The best way to get rid of the odors is, of course, calling in the professional carpet cleaning companies in Fayetteville, NC to take care of the problem for you. However, there are different sources of stinky carpet out there. Read on below to see if any of these sources could be your problem.

Moisture or Dampness

It is possible that moisture or dampness has somehow gotten under your carpet padding. Dampness and moisture can lead to a musty smell that you have a hard time tracking down. It’s also dangerous if the moisture or dampness turns into mildew or mold, which can be unhealthy for you and your family. This can come from everything from spilled drinks to potted plants leaking and needs to be taken care of right away, whether it’s replacing the carpeting and padding or getting some type of carpet odor treatment by the professionals instead.

Pet Odors

One of the most common causes of stinking carpets is having pets. When your pets have an accident on the carpet, it can really cause the odor to linger. Let it happen too often and the smell will seep into your padding as well. Even after carpet cleaning, the odors can return, because of the bacteria in the urine. It’s best to have the professionals come in to take care of this problem as well.

The Carpet is Old

Carpet doesn’t last forever. It’s walked on, trampled down, and things are spilled on it on a regular basis. Even if you clean your carpet every fall and spring like it’s recommended that you do, when the carpet gets old, it starts to smell. If your carpeting is starting to smell old, the best thing you can do is have it replaced, as no amount of cleaning or carpet repair is going to save it.

These are just a few of the top reasons that your carpeting may have an odor and be in need of a professional carpet odor treatment. Remember, sometimes it is just going to take replacing the carpet to get the odors out and your house smelling like a home once again.

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