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Does your house smell like dogs? A Carpet cleaning service can help.

carpet cleaningWhen you go to someone’s home for the first time and see that they have light colored carpet, you may assume that they do not have any pets. In other cases, when you step into someone’s home, you’re surrounded by stinky pet odors. This might make you wonder how often they clean their floors and carpets.

If you’re a dog owner, you may know the challenges faced trying to keep your carpets clean. Regardless of how well you train your pets, there will always be accidents on your carpet and most dogs shed. Pets will also track in dirt from outside. As a result, you must become skilled at carpet cleaning and odor treatment.

To try to save some money over time, you could invest in your own steam carpet cleaner. And while this is a great tool to clean small areas of carpet or to address a quick spill, this consumer level cleaner cannot handle the big jobs. It is simply not a replacement for hiring carpet cleaning services.

Professionals recommend having your carpet steam-cleaned every six months if you have a pet.

The commercial tools that a carpet cleaning service uses are very powerful. These tools and the team that uses them can extract the majority of spills, messes, and pet hair. Their carpet odor treatment also removes any lingering smells of urine.

If you have pets, you should also look for a carpet cleaning service that uses green or all natural products. These will both deep clean your carpet and will be safe and non-toxic to your pets and the environment.

Also, do not forget the upholstery.

The only downside to having animals on the couch is similar to the downside of having animals on your carpet. At some point, your upholstery will have pet stains or dog hair on it, and both are very difficult to remove.

The good news is that almost all professional carpet cleaning companies also offer upholstery cleaning.

So, do you want your home to smell like your pets, or do you want it to smell fresh and clean? Do you want the comfort of knowing any pet accidents have been professionally and permanently removed from your carpets or upholstery? Find a local carpet cleaning service that can help you handle these difficult cleaning tasks.

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