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How Can I Keep My Carpet Clean In A House Full Of Furry Friends?

carpet cleaning repairsMany homes across the U.S. house a furry friend. But while cats and dogs can make our days a little brighter, their shedding and muddy paws can easily damage the carpets we walk on.

The good news is that you can take preventative steps to keep your pet from dirtying your flooring investment. Here’s what you can do to keep your carpet clean and your furry friend happy.

Install a tile entryway

Tile entryways are great carpet protectors. They provide a barrier between the outdoors and your indoor space. This helps to protect your carpet by:

  1. Giving a space for your pet to shake off dirt. When your dog shakes off dirt, mud, and grass on the tile it won’t get on your carpet.
  2. Giving you a space to clean off your pet’s paws. Your dog or cat can track in dirt, mud, and grass on their paws. You can use your tile entryway as the space to wipe their paws before they’re allowed to go through the house.
  3. Giving you a space to wipe your own paws. Muddy boots can easily cause stains on the carpet. Floor tile gives you and your guests and area to take off shoes without any carpet stains to worry about.

Use area rugs and pet-safe carpet cleaner

Area rugs and runners are more than just a way to separate spaces in your home. They also serve as colorful carpet-protectors.

If your pet urinates on the area rug, you can easily clean or replace the rug rather than worrying about the carpet. Just be sure to soak up excess moisture and use pet-safe carpet cleaner when you clean the stains.

Call in the big guns with a professional carpet cleaning service

Professional carpet cleaning is recommended once every year. For pet owners, it’s recommended once every six months.

This is because stains, dander, and dust can build up in your carpet over time. Professional carpet cleaning ensures your carpet stays in great shape and keeps your home smelling fresh.

Need carpet cleaning repairs for your pet-friendly home?

Carpets in pet-friendly homes can build up a lot of dust and dirt. That’s why it’s recommended to vacuum your home’s carpet at least twice a week and to have your carpet steam-cleaned every 12 to 24 months.

If you need carpet cleaning repairs, upholstery cleaning, or carpet odor treatment, Williams Carpet Care is the professional carpet cleaning service for you. To learn more about our carpet cleaning repairs and other services, contact Williams Carpet Care today.

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